About Me

I was born and raised in Israel. Since I was a little girl I remember that I knew what my clothing should look like and wanted to go to a seamstress and have her make it for me. My mom had a hard time with a little girl that will not wear just anything…. I liked drawing, sewing, and was sitting next to my mom when she was knitting.

I realized I wanted to be a designer in my early twenties. Started in graphic design, and soon enough realize that I want to be a fashion designer, and where is it better than to go study in NY…. Got into Parsons but couldn’t afford it, so instead went to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). I enjoyed my time there so much and miss it a lot. Since I graduated I was concentrating on starting a family, study jewelry design, and all along designed all the time, got to a point that I have a little sore in my home. Two kids later, finally got to a point that I want to share my wearable art, designs with anyone that will appreciate it like me. My inclination was always to create one piece, and always I gave it all my energy. Same as an artist that draws a painting, and do not draw it again. Besides I have so many designs to be created, why do the same one again… In a way it’s also a way to be unique from time to time. I am so excited to share my creations, my “babies” although it’s a little bit hard. With each purchase I am sure to have energy/ karma to create more and more. So thanks for your support.